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Privacy policy

In this section privacy notice describes the types of information that the company love-models.ru collects on this website, how and for what purposes this information can be used and to whom this information may be provided. It describes the measures love-models.ru take steps to protect the security of the collected information and alternatives that you as a user love-models.ru may choose in respect of how and for what purposes we may use the information you provide. Finally, it provides information about how you can contact the company love-models.ru a website administrator in case of any questions or concerns regarding our privacy Policy or any personal information that we have collected or you have provided to us.


Use of the site love-models.ru signifies your acceptance of the following privacy policy adopted by the Company, the processing of personal data provided by You. In case of disagreement with conditions of the presented privacy policy and personal data processing, please use this website.
Constant use love-models.ru after the announcement of any changes to the privacy policy adopted by the Company love-models.ru will constitute your acceptance of any changes to this policy. In the future, you have the right at any time to revoke their consent to the privacy policy of the company love-models.ru:

1.Non-personal information and General information collected automatically
Cookies and web beacons
When you visit the website love-models.ru, your computer's browser automatically sends us certain information related to the use of the Internet (such as Internet Protocol or IP address of your computer). On the website love-models.ru you can also use cookies and web beacons, to learn how visitors use the website love-models.ru. Cookies and web beacons are deleted at the end of this statistical analysis.
In the section "help" in the toolbar of almost all browsers contains information on how to stop accepting new cookies, how to receive a message about receiving a new cookie and to block existing cookies.
love-models.ru unites your personal information with assigned to your computer cookies or web beacons and does not sell or trade personal information contained within cookies or web beacons with any third person; in this case, you should know that this information can be saved for the purpose of protection and can be used to identify (e.g., IP address, date, time and pages viewed). This information can be subsequently analyzed love-models.ru for more information about the use of the website and compile statistical data. love-models.ru reserves the right to perform these actions without identification or analysis of such information.
2.Personal information provided by you
The purpose of placing the personal data and personal information on the Website of maximum assistance to You in finding the most suitable option in the choice of employment, position request directly to the user-of the data controller or third parties (employment agencies, legal. persons providing services to the user in finding work or in the employer's search of employee). By submitting personal information on the Website, the User gives their consent to the processing and use of all actions required by applicable law and/or expressly not prohibited by applicable law. By giving your consent to the use of personal data User acknowledges and agrees that the use of such data will be sent to his personal interests for the achievement of the objectives of the Website – assist in employment of the User or in the collection of the necessary staff for the User.
In the case of providing personal data by third parties (affiliate Websites, employment agencies, legal. persons providing services to the user in the job search or employer in search of an employee, etc.), the submission of personal data is an instruction to the processing and use of such data for the purposes and interests of the data subject. In this case, the responsibility to the subject of the personal data assumes the operator has provided such personal information.
To information of a personal nature your personal information — your name, position, email address etc. which you can leave in various forms of the Website. Every time you will be alerted with a special clarification to confirm the information you provide, and only after your approval information is stored on love-models.ru. If you choose to provide such information, assure you that your personal data will be used with highest degree caution in accordance with applicable laws, including, but not limited to, provisions of the Federal law "On personal data".
All of your personal information will be used in the services of the Website love-models.ru — distribution of a different nature to your email and only after receiving your permission. The website provides accessible and visible opportunity to refuse the services of the Site, and provides to each user of the website to edit and delete your personal data on the Website.
You have the right to revoke your consent to the privacy Policy. You may also at any time to withdraw your previous consent. You can exercise these rights by sending an email or submitting a written statement to the person specified in the list in the section "How to contact us" below.
The Company's policy concerning the processing of personal data set out in the regulations.
3.The information we share
love-models.ru does not sell, rent, exchange or disclose in any other way personal information about users of their web site, with the exception of
• if we are required to do by law,
• in response to a request from law enforcement or other government officials
• if the addressee has received from us an order for the fulfillment of contractual obligations or for providing services on the work site love-models.ru and your personal data needed to perform these works, and he is obliged to use your personal data with strict confidentiality in accordance with data protection legislation. In other cases and in the cases referred to above, love-models.ru will not disclose personal information provided by you without your Express permission.
We reserve the right to transfer any information we have about you in the event of a sale love-models.ru or transfer of control of the company love-models.ru. However, in this case, the use of data are subject to the provisions of the signed user agreement (of course, except for cases of conclusion of the agreement on other conditions).
4.Deletion of personal data
To achieve the purpose of collection of personal data, they are deleted or blocked if the latter is necessary in accordance with legal, corporate or contractual retention periods of data.
5.The right to issue information
You have the right to receive information about the content of your personal data stored love-models.ru and also the right to correction of incorrect data, blocking or deletion of data.
If you want to get information about the content of your personal data or wish to correct, delete or ask questions about using personal data transmitted to us, email your request to love-models@mail.ru
6.Links to other sites
For your convenience to provide further information, we provide links to other sites. These sites operate independently and are not under our control. These sites may have their own statements in relation to the protection of confidential information. We strongly recommend you to consult them if you visit any linked sites. We are not responsible for the content of these sites, any products or services that may be offered through these sites, or any other use of such sites. love-models.ru reserves the right to terminate any link at any time. The inclusion of any link does not constitute or imply authorization, authority, support, or Association with love-models.ru linked web site or any of the products or services provided on those sites. If you decide to access any of the linked sites, you do this at your own risk.
7.Updates and changes to privacy Policy and statements in respect of the protection of confidentiality of information
At any time and without prior notice we may change or update any terms of the privacy Policy and, accordingly, to update the provisions of this Statement in relation to the protection of confidential information. From time to time through, please this information to be aware of the changes and updates made to the privacy Policy the date listed above is the date of entry into force of the Declaration concerning the protection of confidential information.
8.How to contact us
If you want to we have updated your contact information or remove your name from distribution lists for mailing or e-mailing information and if you wish to withdraw consent to the privacy statement or if you have any questions concerning the information practices or privacy, please contact us: love-models@mail.ru
Please note that if you require love-models.ru not to use your personal information to contact you or require you remove them, your instructions will be fulfilled. The requirement about the termination of correspondence or deletion of personal data does not apply to personal data, required to save within the specified time and regulated by the relevant legal regulations, statutes or treaties. Instead of deleting the respective data will be blocked for access.